Tuesday, December 13, 2011

the wish-list

wish list

This is in fact part of small bushes grown in front of a Victorian house on Grattan St, Melbourne. The dark background is the side-wall of the house in white, made invisible in the contrast with the bright foreground. I was walking pass; saw the morning-sun-lit courtyard and made a very quick capture impromptu. This picture was dedicated to my birthday in 2009. Today, my memory somehow swells with it again.

As special as it seems, the origin of this picture--how I came to take it as it looks--is indiscernible even to me. Then, or now. I spent very little time composing, yet what I saw in it afterward triggered a sudden surge of hankering in me. It was perhaps a deeply personal experience. It was, and is, the (Birthday) wish-list.

As the picture itself, many of the precious moments in life are in fact unplanned and ordinary. Yet they cast long shadows in our lives and furnish our minds with cherished memories.

To err is simply human. If in the very least each of us took responsibilities for our own actions--especially the 'wrong' ones--instead of blaming others, the collective of individuals would be a lot more at peace under the sunlight. More importantly, we would be more at peace with ourselves.

Would that be too much to ask for in a wish-list?

Location: Grattan St, Melbourne, Australia
Exposure: 1/320s, f/8.0, ISO 200
Focal Length: 200mm  (APS-C)
Flash: No
Filter: N/A

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